Cocoalabs India Pvt. Ltd

IOT & Embedded systems development

Business landscape is witnessing a swift change with the introduction of IOT (internet of things) technology. By combining effectively the machine generated data and human data, it drives the business to gain multiple opportunities. Cocoalabs – the pioneer in the vertical of software development is equally well-versed to offering insights and ideas to enterprises on how to reap benefits using IOT technology. Our professionals work closely and aggressively to offer intelligent, secure, highly connected solutions and experiences to the enterprises.

Being an expert provider, our competence simplifies and unites your processes in a precise way. By interconnecting things, people and service brilliantly we make certain greater productivity, saves cost and generate new opportunities with advanced business models. We help business to take advantage of the behavioral data collected from various sources i.e. from humans and things.

what we do offer


The Dedicated experts Team

Our excellence lies in exploiting the mobile technology as much as possible. With the experienced android experts we are pretty confident we can develop solution in tune to your mobile needs.


Increase Sales and revenue

World is accepting mobility and the people have no time to spend time for going shopping. Apps are managing things. We develop solutions combining the profitability and marketing elements of your business.


Branding and recognition

Our goal is not simply creating apps, but also to identify and promote your brand to new heights. Your apps are the gateways that create a great impact about your brand.